• A&K Power Washing LLCwill safely clean and protect the variety of surfaces that are present at your house. Like: garage floors, patios, driveways, decks, painted or unpainted wood siding, stone, brick, vinyl, and aluminum.  A&K Power Washingremoves the enemies of mother nature: mold, mildew, stains, pollutions, and yes, dirt.
  • Why Power Wash the home?
  • Our homes exteriors are always exposed to toll-taking elements, be it naturally or of our own making. Rain, dirt, winds, the sun's rays. The grime that comes discolors, degrades and oxidizes with time. Tree sap, birds and insects also complicates matters. The smoke from grills, chimney soot, acid rain and even auto exhaust contribute their part. Without removing periodically, they can and will destroy the appearance and unfortunately, reduce the value of your property dramatically. With a  A&K Power Washingmaintenance cleaning done occasionally, the speed in which damage occurs is greatly reduced. It will involve washing of the house, roof, decks, gutters, walks, driveways, patio and awnings. Doing so will greatly preserve and enhance the beauty of our homes. Decreasing the frequency of cleanings is by way of our special spray wax. Additional coatings and sealers can also increase appearance and protection. (Speak with a  A&K Power Wash Repfor details.)


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