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Here at A&K Power Washing LLC we are very excited in regards to many great opportunities that are upon us. We are also looking forward to being able to serve such great people here in the Tri-State area. A&K Power Washing LLC will continue to demonstrate and share some of the Core Values that we believe makes not only for success, but  A MUCH BETTER PLACE. The first Three Values we feel are as important as are the brakes on transportation or the benefits of keeping our expensive assets clean and protected are: Good Communication, Humility and Respect.
A&K Power Washing LLC will continue to strive to enhance our personal values and a Concept that we would like to share as  an example of our thoughts into the hope we have is, to Be Careful Who You Step On, On The Way Up. You Will Meet Them Again On The Way Down! In summary, If we treat our friends and co-workers fairly, we will always be able to look them in the eye. One day our co-worker might be promoted and become our supervisor. HMM   

Demonstrated Values

If We Are Not Part Of The SOLUTION, We Must Be Part Of The Problem:
Values: Non-Power Based Conflict Resolution, Open-Minded, Respecting Peers & Staff